~ A New Convention Comes To San Diego ~

Cos-Losseum is a multi-genre mini-convention that dreams big. Organized by The Cosplay Initiative, LLC, Cos-Losseum 2016 will be make its debut
January 23rd-24th in San Diego, California.

Your Multi-Genre Convention

Meet cosplayers and celebrities from all genres of fandom. Like every other Comic Con, Cos-Losseum brings together amazing guests, events, and vendors. Our smaller scale provides a more intimate setting for the community and fans. You'll be able to make new friends and bond with other fans during an unforgettable weekend. We are a true multi-genre convention covering the below genres and more....

Knight and Maiden
   •  Anime
   •  Movies
   •  Fantasy
   •  Sci-Fi
   •  Comic Books
      (including Marvel™ & DC™)

Get the Word Out
Help us make Cos-Losseum 2016 truly epic! We are growing every day, but we need you to help get the word out. The more fans who know about our event, the better it will be, so share our Facebook™ page and invite all your friends.

You can also help by letting us know who you would like to see at Cos-Losseum. We already have a fantastic lineup of guests and vendors, but this is only the beginning. If you know vendors who might want to get involved, we want to hear about them. Just get in touch, and we'll see if we can get them to the ball.

Cos-Losseum 2016 Details:

Crowne Plaza San Diego - Mission Valley
2270 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108
January 23rd–24th, 2016
10 a.m.–5 p.m.



Contact us to meet, greet, and compete with fans and special guests at Cos-Losseum 2016.